How to flash raid to nonraid sil 3512

i have a silicon image sil 3512 sata raid controller card that is raid and i need to flash it to nonraid for it to work with my lg blu-ray burner…can somone please please show me how to flash it? thanks

My card come with an installation disc and a tool to flash the bios versions.

The UpdFlash.exe DOS utility can be used to load BIOS binary code to the flash memory.

Procedures to run UpdFlash.exe
For DOS system
Change to directory where the UpdFlash.exe and BIOS binary file are located
Run UpdFlash to load flash memory with BIOS binary code

The UpdFlash.exe command line syntax is as follows:

updflash input_file_name –a –d –v –IDxxxxx

input_file_name is the input binary file name
–IDxxxxx is optional parameter to specify SI controller type (ex. -ID680, -ID3112, -ID3512,
-ID3114, -ID3124)
If this parameter is not specified, the utility will search for all installed SI controller chips and if more than 1 type of SI controller are installed in the system, the program will prompt the user to select controller type
-a is optional parameter to set auto mode. In auto mode, no user response is required.
-d is optional parameter to set debug flag
-v is optional parameter to display current BIOS version number in the flash memory chip
–BOARDxxxxx is optional parameter to specify SI controller type (ex. -BOARD680,
-BOARD3112, -BOARD3512, -BOARD3114, -BOARD3124)
If this parameter is specified, the utility will neglect product id in the PCI config space and use the specified board type as product id. This option was added to solve a problem that the BIOS in the flash memory was loaded with BIOS which is for other controller type.
This option provides a method to indicate the actual controller type.

The following lists return codes that UpdFlash.exe will return when the program exits.
0 – Update BIOS successed
1 – Update BIOS failed
2 – BIOS is already up to date
3 – No Silicon Image controller is found
4 – Can not open input file
5 – Flash memory chip is not supported
6 – Input file is for mother board BIOS

UpdFlash can also be run in menu mode to test the flash memory chips. To run the utility in menu
mode, no parameter is needed.

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