How to Flash ND 3570A 104b



I tried using NecFlash but I cant seem to figure it out.
Double Clicking on necflash.exe instantly opens the command window then closes it right away.

I opened it in Command Prompt but It will not remove my old firmware.
ecflash -dump Old… E
That is if it even has any as this is just genaric windows firmware.
I also tried to add new firmware… but that was also unsecessful.
there might be something blocking me from doing this or… I might have no idea what I need to do.

I need to update to firmware 1.12 so i can use burn to DL disks not currently on the 104, 102, or 111 firmwares.

I tried to install the 112_orig.bin from the firmware download, but it seems I need the .inf file for the update to use Microsofts Update of firmware.

Does anyone have this? I tried to pick it out of the .bin file but my ISO reader won’t open these .bin files as I think they are different.

Can someone please direct me on what I need to do, or forward me the .inf file so i can use microsofts firmware update?