How to flash GCC-4240N DVD drive


I am trying to fix my sister-in-law’s optical drive in her Compaq Evo N800v laptop. The drive is an HL-DT-STRW/DVD GCC-4240N. The problem is that it doesn’t read discs of all kinds. It just spins up, makes noise and then nothing. Not only can the user not use it with software, but I was unable to boot off of it (using my Windows disc). The DMA is enabled and I have found firmware from rpc1 that I would like to try before I replace the drive.


Casas Grandes

I know it mentions it in the thread title, but I want to know how to flash this drive with the updated firmware. TIA. :slight_smile:

Hi and Welcome!

if the drive even does not load a bootable disc, then this is a problem that cannot be fixed by firmware.

The only thing you can try before trashing the drive is to carefully clean the lens. Those CD/DVD cleaning discs are btw [I]not recommended[/I] by manufacturers of optical drives.