How to flash firmware

Okay, I have downloaded the f/w for Litey, say VS08. How do I flash the burner? Do I need additional files like MTKFLASH to do it? Or I just run the VS08.EXe file in Windows? Thanks.

Before updating the firmware, remove any CD from the drive. I’m not quite sure why, but most manufacturers recommend this.

If you downloaded the firmware from Liteon’s website, just run the executable within Windows and confirm that you wish to update the firmware. This will take about 30 seconds and once complete, it’s just a matter of rebooting the machine. If you get any errors, then it’s likely that you’re using the wrong firmware for the drive.

If you downloaded the firmware somewhere else, you’ll need to use MTKFLASH from a bootdisk. These firmwares come in a .BIN file, but as your’s is an executable (.EXE), it should run and update the drive’s firmware by itself.

They usually recommend that you remove any CD so that the drive doesn’t try to read the disc during a flash. They also say this in case the flash fails and the tray wont open for you to get the disc out.

I double click on VS08 from Windows and it came back with a message, I can’t remember the whole text but it says something like “This firmware upgrade is for firmware VS01-Vs2Z” something like this. Then it ask if I want to continue. My Litey is using VS04. Do I have to proceed with the upgrade?

Sure. You don’t have to worry about it .
When you see the box just click on the “Yes” and wait patiently a while till the procedure is finished.