How to flash back to my Philips DVDRW824?



Dear All,

I have a problem I would like to have some help with.

Last month I had some problems with my dvd-writer (Philips DVDRW824) and my PC. As a matter of fact, after installing my dvd-witer into a new PC it wrote only cd-rom and dvd-rom but not dvd-video nor cd-audio :a ). Therefore, hoping it would help me I flashed my dvd-writer, which now is an “ATAPI 4x 8x 12x”. I would like to reinstall the original drivers (since I have not solved my problem).

Where can I get them and how should I “flash back” my dvd-writer to the original drivers?

Pls I am not an expert therefore I would be grateful if you kept your language simple.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


I don’t know with what firmware you flashed your drive? But I’m afraid you f*cked up your drive. You should never flash your drive when it’s already not working properly.

What you could try is downloading the original firmware for this drive and try flashing it with this firmware. I’ve done the searching for you.
The Philips firmware for the Philips DVDR824P can be found here.

I don’t know it will help you, but since your drive is already not working properly, I try to help you. But it’s at your own risk. You voided warranty by flashing the drive with a firmware that was not meant to be for your drive.


thanks a lot, I’ll try to do this and will let you know!!


Ok, let us know how things workes out.



better late than ever! The use of your firmware was not successful but I found a file “BenQ to Philips” on e-mule and this worked.

Thanks for your help anyway - that has been very kind of you. Bye


Well…like you say, better late than never. I was wondering what was the result of the original frimware flash. Is your drive working properly now? or do you need to RMA the drive for repair


Hello puremorning.
what is the exact name of the file that you downloaded from emule. I need this file too.


Which firmware revision do you need and why ?


Hello ala42
I flashed my 824K/40 with a BenQ FW (B3KC). I would like to reflash with Philips P3.4. Whenever I run the Philips firmware flashtool it tells me that it is unable to flash the drive. It looks like this “BenQ to Philips” tool will do the trick but I couldn’t find anything on emule- that’s why I asked for the exact file name.


I have extracted the .cvt file yesterday and will send you a link to it when I am home again in 12-14h.


Hi ala42.
Firstly many thanks for your efforts. Much appreciated.
I am afraid to say that it was in vain. WinDWFlash reported the following:
Linear Check Sum = DF5D
Rotated Check Sum = 5602
Check Sum match !!
Start Flashing…
Don’t turn off the power!!

======== FAIL 1========

I would appreciate any suggestions. I still cannot find this “BenQ to Philips” utility. I wonder if it really exists :frowning:
Once again thanks for your efforts.


Try flash from safe mode.


Hello Qyngali.
I did try safe mode and that didn’t work either. I downloaded the BenQCVT tool from TDB- I believe that this tool might actually help me. The problem that I am now encountering is that I cannot access the CVT file that ala42 extracted for me. The file is 2Mb large and will not fit onto a floppy. After booting from a DOS 6.22 floppy I cannot access my hard drive. Question: can DOS 6.22 address a NTFS hard drive?


Not without a driver, such as NTFSDOS v3.02 from


help me please
i have updated my philips dvdrw824 firmware at 3.4 and i want to restore its original firmware because it does not work corectly
now my drive read 800 mega cd’s like it is 700 MB and has problems reading some dvd’s
please help


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