How to flash a BenQ 1620 Pro

Hey, I’m a new owner of a 1620 Pro Retail. I plan at some point on flashing the drive to a upgraded firmware version and probably adding a RPC1 flash to remove region-coding as well. I’ve done some searching on the forum but haven’t really found anything regarding how exactly one goes about flashing the drive. I’ve successfully flashed a Sampo set-top DVD player but never a PC drive. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

BTW, I’m running WinXP SP2. Anything else you need to know, I’ll happily provide!

Thanks! :bow:

Hi Robbstein and welcome.

Here’s what you gotta do:

Since you have a retail drive, go here: [Official BenQ FW]]( and DL B7P9, B7T9, or B7U9. Unzip and run and flash the drive.

If you want to turn your BenQ into a “Ripping Monster,” i.e., make it’s ripping speed fgor DL discs 16x, DL ala42’s awesome MCSE program (see the link in my sig). Then open the program, load FW of your choice (B7P9, etc.), click the “increase read speed” checkbox, and hit Save. Then flash as normal while DRIVE IS EMPTY of media.



Also: Region-free FW can be found here…

TDB site

  • JIe

Thanks Ma Jie! Sounds easy enough. I intend to try the MCSE program soon too.

The region-free firmware link you posted goes to the official BenQ firmware page you mentioned earlier. Would you mind reposting?

Thanks a million! :bigsmile:

Here you go. TDB’s site >

Beautiful! Thanks again!

My bad man. Sorry about that.

  • Jie

No problem. My thanks to both of you for pointing me in the right direction. I’ll be ripping at lightspeed soon! Thanks again!