How to flash a 20A1H > 20A4H?

I’ve been reading up on the EEPROM & Flash utilities but I’m still not clear on the exact procedure. I’ve checked out both utilities and the threads that correspond to them and I’m not a noob with flash utilities etc. The upgrade drive feature in the EEPROM utility shows no option to change an A1H drive to an A4H type - how does that work? When I’ve changed the drive to the preferred type I’ll be able to flash it to the firmware of choice. Any help appreciated…

use the flash utility to flash the 20A4H firmware onto the 20A1H. EEPROM change isn’t needed, but it’s probably a good idea to back it up before the crossflash

Thx for the reply. Is there a way to use Codeking’s patched firmware FB OS OHT release because it seems you need actual bin files to use the flash utility and his firmware releases are all exe?

you don’t need to change anything, if you want to upgrade a 20A1H to 20A4H. just run the executable flasher of your choice (patched or unpatched doesn’t matter) and flash the drive. it will work.

but make a backup of your EEPROM (with the EEPROM Utility) before you upgrade…

Well it doesn’t work on my drive :confused: When I try to use Codeking’s patched executable (20A4H.QP53.patched-fb-eos-eoht.exe) it says:

“No matching drives detected - This firmware is only for a ATAPI DVD A DH 20A4H”

The write flash function is also greyed out.

I did backup my EEPROM before I tried any of this :iagree:

So what now?

Use the Flash Utility. You have to use the Flash Utility to crossflash in just about every case. It should be fairly easy to do. Just open up Flash Ute, click on the “Write” button, select the .EXE, and it should flash. :flower:

Thx - that did the trick :slight_smile:

Now I’m gonna burn some MKM 001 discs to see if the drive performs better with this firmware - can’t do any worse than it did before (or perhaps it’s just a crappy batch of media)!!!

BTW, should SmartBurn, HT & OHT be enabled for this media or am I better off using the stock writing strategy (all disabled)?

Thanks for the help guys - this place rox :bow:

SmartBurn is enabled by default. The check in SmartBurn should be to disable it.

HT and OHT might help if you think you have bad media. :iagree: