How to fix the burn order in Nero

Since using nero to burn CDR / DVDR it is impossible to determine the location of file burnt as the ordering on file explorer. e.g. the file order is A-B-C… but after starting writting, you will see that the burn order is …B…C…A…

is there has any s/w to read the disk TOC and find the actual address for each file and folder on the disk…

anyone know such software

How to fix the file sturcture burn ordering on nero

Files are burned in the alpha-numeric order: those that begin with special chars first, numbers second then letters. The sure-fire way to have your files sorted properly is by prefixing then with numbers, viz:


Be advised, though: if your filenames are long enough, the order in which they are burned may be not what you expect/see in Nero or Windoze Explorer. That’s because you see them in Joliet format, but the way they are burned is sorted according to ISO9996. With very long filenames it is hard to predict if the ISO9996 filename sorting will mirror that of Joliet; so your best bet is to keep the filenames short and sweet (32 chars or less).

To avoid wasting media, try burning to an image file (NRG or ISO) first. Then load it into ISObuster and sort the files by LBA. That’s the order they wiil be burned in on a disc.

Thanks for your reply
i using some blank dvd and find that very high pi/po at the end of disk… if i can determine the file burn order, i can set some important file not to locate at such area

Don’t gamble with your data bobochan, use quality media. Though the outer edge area is more degradation susceptible, when a bad disc goes south, it is often the whole thing at once.

Forget all that Alphanumeric stuff. I tried it and it doesn’t work.
Instead, open up the folder containing the files you want to burn then drag and drop them [U]ONE AT A TIME into the Nero window. Nero will now burn the files in the order you dropped them into it. Works every time for me.


CD/DVD Diagnostics software can show you files/sectors information.