How to fix sync problem in mpeg file using

vitualdub? I have this mpeg-1 file that has a sync problem. If I use virtualdub, input the mpeg-1 file, and fix the sync, then how do I save the output as an mpeg-1, instead of an avi?

Or is there any other tool that would allow me to do this, that take an mpeg-1 file, fix the sync, and save the output as mpeg-1?

.avi may be just the name. The codec used can still be mpeg-1.
There’s also virtualdubmod.

I wonder why you spam this forum by opening up new threads all the time?!

You already used tmpgenc. Why wont you use it here too? ???


my in tention is not to spam, the only reason I open new threads is that I dont get answers if I post my new questions in threads that have a different title. If I did I wouldnt post new threads.

anyhoo, the reason why I cant use tmpgenc is that I only know how to multiplex an audio and video file (in avi or mpeg1), but I have no idea how to actually fix the sync issue using tmpgenc, but I do know how to fix sync issues using virtualdub. Now the problem is only how to save the output of virtualdub as mpeg-1 and not avi.

If you know where I can find a tutorial on how to use tmpgenc to modify the interleaving of audio and video like virtualdub does, then that would answer my question.

Oh, and to avoid the opening of new threads, is there a way to post a message in a thread that was opened before, but where you can change the title for each new post?

In line with most forums, at CD Freaks we encourage members to keep their ‘story’ in one thread, except where it is clearly a different question and definitely not related to the original one.

Hence, we would be grateful if you would NOT open new threads just because there’s no reply. You can see how frustrating it is for people trying to help you. If there’s no answer after 24-48 hours, then you can reply to your own thread with a further plea for help. No need to change the title - we are quite flexible here and probably have followed the developments.

Ok will do. Im just a little desperate here to be able to sync the audio/video in the mpeg-1 file. Is there a tutorial that mentions this?

Hm, why don’t you sync video and audio in VirtualDub, save the audio and them mux it togehter with the mpeg1 video in tmpgenc (Tools)?


I can sync the audio video using virtualdub but I cant save the synched file back to mpeg-1 format. The idea yoou suggested about syncing the file and then saving only the audio portion as wav, how would that help in syncing the file even if I multiplexed the video and the audio using mpeg tools in tmpgenc (wouldnt the audio file be a separate input file from the video input?) Are you saying that using virtualdub, it is possible to introduce a delay at the start of the audio file when I save it?

Download a trial copy of VideoReDo and give it a try. Works great for me with the problem you are having.



Yup, VirtualDub allows you to easily manipulate and fix streams. :wink: