How to fix MP3 player, computer shows the device but cannot access it



Hey Guys :D, badly need help :sad:. i have this mp3 player,,
that’s the exact mp3 player please see link.
i plugged it into my computer, it shows the device , but when i clicked it it says “Please insert a disk into drive G:” … i’ve browsed the net for solutions but none worked. I tried the computer management, disk management stuff but it’s not visible there. i tried the command prompt but it say “There’s no disk in drive. Please insert a disk onto \Device\Hardisk\DR26”…
is it corrupted or busted? there any other way to make it work again?..please.please help me someone gave it to me, and it means a lot to me.thanks a lot :sad::smiley:


Warranty Period : 3 month
Replacement Period : 1 week

With a warranty like this I wouldn’t put to much faith in it, did you try another USB Port or you might try plugging it in and then restart the computer with it plugged in and let windows find it