How to fix damaged LiteOn CD-RW disc?

Had a 32x Liteon, just got the new 48125W and have been using the CD-RW disc that comes with it just to save me getting any coaster while initially using it.

I’ve done a few bin/cue files using Nero v5582 and had a few errors as Nero (or the LiteOn) don’t like doing the burn in TAO mode with bin/cue files.

So been using DAO and everything has been fine, except I did a FULL erase of the LiteOn CDRW disc to try another bin/cue file on it and found that after burning, could see NOTHING on the disc???

Did a full erase again, extracted the contents of the BIN using IsoBuster and burnt onto the disc as a normal data cd.

Still could see nothing???

It’s as though this CD-RW disc is ruined - anyone else ever had this, is there a way to fix it?

Thanks in advance!


Have you tried to read back the CD-RW disc in another computer after writing it?

Do other CD-RW discs work ok?

OC-Freak, tried my other LiteOn CD-RW disc, did a Full erase, and burnt a few megs of data to it no problem.

Then went back to this dodgy disc, full erase, wrote same few megs and the damn thing worked - make a liar of me!

I’m a programmer and I build PC’s, I’m not stupid, perhaps it just need an extra Full erase???

Gonna try the full bin/cue image onto it again to see if it works :slight_smile:

Damn bin/cue image works now!!! :slight_smile:

I tried multiple FULL erases with Nero last night, reboots and could not get this CD-RW disc to show what was written on it.


Well, never mind, thanks anyway.

LOL I know plenty of stupid programmers. They aren’t mutually exclusive. Perhaps another question is… did you try reading it back on a different drive? Might want to try formatting it with InCD… then reformat/write to it with Nero. Or, like you said, disc could be bad.

I am also getting a fair number of errors with my 48125W. Maybe they got it out the gate too early. Fast means nothing if there are errors involved. Media compatibility isn’t as great as Plex or Teac. Might be returning it soon. I don’t have the patience to deal with beta hardware… or maybe this is par for the course with LiteOn.

That new Yamaha has possibilities.

Ordered some Taiyo Yuden 40X media, will post results when it arrives. This drive could just be extremely picky about the media you put in it.