How To Fix Corrupt Mpeg File



Hi all, I have a large mpeg 1 file, and I have found that in last 15 minutes of the file, the video goes all skewed…kinda like instead of seeing one frame on the sceen, it splits and the main viewing area freezes and you can see the video progressing in the upper corner but it garbled. Needless to say the video is not viewable in the last 15minutes or so. Is there any program that will allow me to filter this out. I don’t want to lose the problamatic frames in question, I want to know if i can clean it up in anyway. What program should I use and how would I go about doing that. Thanks in advance.



Well, I do not believe you can recover it - only edit bits out, with things like Womble.

I’ve seen bad mpeg’s like this ripped from cd, burnt as svcd on bad media.


icey is right, you can only edit out bad (corrupted) parts.

TMPGEnc has some good MPEG tools that will let you cut off the end amongst other nice tools.

One quick suggestion is to try VCDGear (mainly cos it’s free and fast). Select mpeg -> mpeg, click the “Fix MPEG errors” box and see what it does.


You could try using Virtualdub mpeg2
Load your mpeg 1/2 in Vdub mpeg2
cut out the bad part and save the bad part as an uncompressed avi
load the bad part in Vdub mpeg2 and see if any filters help correct the problem (avi is easier to edit/work with than mpeg 1/2)
If you get the bad part looking better/corrected re-encode to the same specs as the original
join the two parts back together
just a thought