How to fix bad sector on Safedisc CD?

I bought a very rare game from eBay recently. It uses Safedisc 1.4.004 so nothing fancy.

Unfortunately to my horror, when I went to make a backup image from the CD (using Alcohol 120% Safedisk 1 profile) there are 3 bad sectors at about 70%.

One file is affected by a CRC error and refuses to copy to the hard drive so the whole install fails of course! Damn.

Scanning with Nero CDSpeed shows up the bad unreadable sectors at 70% along with the ‘normal’ safedisc unreadable sectors near the start of the CD.

I can’t send the CD back to EA, as they don’t make it any more. I don’t want to get a refund as the manuals and charts that come with the game are equally invaluable.

So, what to do?

I downloaded an .iso image from p2p that is byte for byte an exact copy of my original EXCEPT for the SD protected sectors and hence fails the CD check of course.

Can I somehow replace the faulty file of my original .mdf / .mds Safedisc image with the one from the .ISO and retain the protection sectors?

UltraISO allows the file manipulation, but when saved, destroys the protection sectors!

Alternatively is there a utility that may be able to repair the 3 damaged sectors on the original image file?

Needless to say I’ve cleaned, and cleaned, and rubbed with Brasso the damaged original CD to no effect. I suspect the data layer was damaged from the start or through age perhaps (it’s a 1999 CD).

Any suggestions?

I can of course make a mini-image from the original but it just seems a cop out.



Even if you own the original it is still illegal to download an image of it.
You have been here long enough to know the rules, maybe a refresher will be a good thing. See Here

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