How to fit VOB file on 1 4.7GB DVD?



GOAL: Convert a MKV to VOB and fit it onto 1 4.7GB DVD.

Successful Steps thus far: Converting MKV to VOB

I need help shrinking the VOB file down because they are larger than 4.7gb and cannot fit on an external HD (FAT 32) nor a DVD. I am on a MAC, so OSX compatible software recommendations are preffered but PC is doable as well.
I really appreciate any assistance…thank you!!


Do you just have the one .vob file? Or do you have a complete dvd, with .vob, ifo and bup files contained in a Video_TS folder?

If you have a complete dvd this is simple to do with DVDShrink. You can find it here: It is free and there are guides to using the program at that site as well.

If you have just the one file, you can probably use it in an authoring program like DVDStyler or DVDAuthorGUI. In a Mac, I think you’d use iDVD or iMovie to make the dvd-video. Don’t worry that it is oversized at this point. You’re going to import it to DVDShrink and reduce the size there.

DVDShrink works in Windows and I believe there is a Linux version, but it won’t work in OSX. So that part would best be done on a PC.

The other option would be to use the .mkv file in AVStoDVD or DVDFlick or FAVC and go all the way to a finished dvd, of the correct size. Then burn to disk. All of these programs are free to use, but are PC only.

If you have problems with the authoring programs not liking the .vob file extension, rename it to a .mpeg extension.


Looking at information online, iDVD and iMovie may have all the tools you need to reduce the size of the video and produce a finished dvd-video for you. Since I’m not a Mac user, I’m just hazarding a guess, but it looks like they have this capability. So, you may not need the PC based tools at all.


Thank you for al the helpful info.

I am not too familiar with imovie or idvd but i have learned that they do not deal with .vob’s. I found a program called OpenShiiva which converts VOB to Mp4 and that will allow me to hopefully go into idvd or imovie (currently doing this). I couldn’t have found this openshiiva program if it werent for your suggestions, so thank you!!

I have yet to try renaming the extension, but as soon as this converting finishes i will give it a go, b/c while I want to accomplish this, the easiest way possible would be nice.
TY again.

forgot to mention that I don’t have original dvds because I am using mkv’s as the starting point. My goal is to be able to play what was an .mkv file on the ps3. I know the .mkv’s incompatible and I have had success with .vob for this, only problem is that the vob usually runs over 5gb.