How to fit stuff on DVD's?

Hey I am new to DVD burning and I am using Nero 6. My problem is I have converted 5 avi files to approx 4.6Gb and its to large to go onto a 4.7 Gb disc. I forgot about the real size of the DVD :o What is a good program to compress this just enough to fit it on one DVD??? Please help


Sorry, can you explain better?

Do you have 5 avi files to fit on a single DVD or do you converted 5 avi files into a video DVD format?

Yes I was planning on putting all 5 on one DVD to watch on my standalone player.

if you’re new to dvd authoring [which is what you are now going to need to do] i suggest NeroVision Express [make dvd mode] add files [the avi files], NVE will auto compress them if you want

Please explain better: do you have a divx-compatible standalone player or do you want convert avi in video DVD?

Standalone isnt Divx compatible. Yes I want to burn them all to one dvd. Is there a hard limit not to exceed on compression for video? How much compression is too much?

Depends on how demanding you are, and the size of your screen. If your AVI converted to MPEG2 (DVD) is under 5 GB, it will compress with no visable loss of quality. I would use NeroVision to create a DVD with DVD-9 as the target size. Then import those files into Recode and shrink to DVD-5.

Thee are better tools for converting AVI to MPEG2, and there’s a whole forum here on doing just that, but NeroVision will do fine for a beginner.

There’s no hard rule on how much you can compress, it really depends on the bitrate (quality) of the source material. 80% is too much for some, and 60% is passable for some.

Some standalone players can play also divx movies. They costs a little more than standard dvd players, but exists.

Hi, I suggest Roxio 7.5 EMC it has a program called “Divx to DVD” the program is just a couple clicks and its the best fastest avi. to dvd program out to date. I fit two movies “Constantine” & “The Jacket” on one DVD bolth were avi. dvd rips, the Quality was better than Santa DVD or any other I have ever used and its also really fast beats nero at Trancoding by about 5hours. I now have a philips 645 divx player so I no longer use “Divx to Dvd” if your going to have a lot of avi movie files over the next year I suggest one because 6 avi 700MB dvd-rips on one 4.7 dvd are nice and when the 8.5 are more avalible then it will be twelve.