How to fit several file using VSO

i hav rip out a 7 avi file with HD-TV quality.
File size is no more that 450mb each.
And i want to combine all and put it in a DVD5.
VSO can make it or not?
As usual the file size of 700mb after convert should be over 3.5G

Anyone can give me some guide to do it ?

ConvertXtoDVD 2 cannot combine your seven files into one single file, it can however put all seven files onto a single DVD with a menu (one menu entry for each file).
Just start ConvertXtoDVD and add all the files you want on the one disc then convert.

The upcoming ConvertXtoDVD 3 will be able to join your separate files first then convert, so if you had a movie that was in two parts it could combine them and convert. This way you would not have separate menu enties for each part.