How to fit movie files on hard drive onto Cd's / DVD's?



Hi, I have collected a wide variety of movies in a lot of different formats and can watch them on my computer monitor just fine but cannot seem to burn them to CD/DVD’s for any one of a million resons. Mainly with Cd’s they will not fit onto a single CD! Have purchased Nero, Roxio, etc., and still cannot seem to get this easy task accomplished! Any help out there? I keep buying programs but none seem to fix the basic problem! Thanks for taking the time to read this! Appreciated. Highlands81/Scott


Do you want to simply back up the files to disk, or do you want to watch them on a stand alone dvd player?

There are a lot of free conversion programs that can take the various file formats and output to dvd-video. DVDFlick, FAVC and AVStoDVD spring to mind. All are free. You can burn to disk with either Nero or Roxio, or use an excellent free burning program called ImgBurn.


Here is a thread I participated in (along with Kerry56) that I sometimes refer to as it covers many of the basics.

Remember to use quality media (go for Verbatim which is available locally).