How to fit a large avi file into 1 dvd

I need help on how to srink an avi file that is to large to fit into one dvd (4.7gb) Is there a program for this purpose? Or do I need to use a 8.5gb dvd disk. can you play an DL 8.5gb dvd on any dvd player.


Just how big is the AVI file?

I think you’re wanting to convert this file to DVD movie format and anything upto 2 1/2 hours or so will fit an SL disk with decent quality.

Are you just burning the AVI file on a Data DVD? Not much you can do… You could split the file, but that may break the playback. OR maybe you can recode the video (AVI to AVI) and lower the quality.

If you convert the AVI to DVD format and it’s too large for a DVD±R, then run it through a program that will shrink it (CloneDVD, Shrink, DVDFab…).

I’ve been playing with AVI to DVD converters and most of them let you pick the quality and such. The lower the quality, the smaller the file.