How to fine tune your 812S? Kprobe, DLA, ASPI?

Dear all… I purchased a Liteon 812S with the last stock firmware in hope to get an accurate result for my burns with Kprobe, but now… I am lost…

I don’t know what to trust…

I did a test on a media that I burned when I was using DLA 3.61, and got a result with avg PI of 80ish but with very bad result near the end that run up to 160 PI or so…

Than I did some research, checked my ASPI, and I am running 4.60 for a long time already… Did some research and found out that it maybe the older version of Sonic DLA that cause the problem, update it, and reboot, burn again and than Kprobe(see pic1) … after a reboot, the result changed to pic2… and what I burned before the reboot that used to read under avg of 10 PI all raised…

I’d like to know how to make my drive consistant? It told me something but soon told me otherwise just after one reboot… reinstall DLA and result went back to under 10 PI…

Now I am lost, what driver etc I should use to be able to get consistant result, and which one I should trust? because the two are very different.

Can anyone tell me what I can do to improve burn quality and make it consistant?

Those are both acceptable scans for Ritek G04. If I understand you right, they are 2 scans of the same disc? This is also not unusual for the 812 and G04.

Apart from firmware modding, there’s nothing you can do to “tweak” your burn quality other than to use better media.

Will a 851S be more consistant?
Or any other drive, because the difference is huge and it happened to my TYG01 as well.

Actually, the difference is not really “huge” in relative terms. With lower error rates, this is fairly common. Both scans are well within acceptable limits, the source of the difference is either the media itself, the reading drive, or (probably) both. All drives will show some degree of variations between scans on a given disc. How much variation you see depends on the drive and the disc in question. Even 2 812 drives will demonstrate different reading abilities.

My point is just that your burn quality seems more than adequate.


And Ritek disc quality has been known to vary a lot, too. I had a batch of Ritek R01 media that had 10x the number of errors literally every other disc. Same burning software, same media batch, same burner, same firmware, etc. When burning slow (4x), one disc would have PI avg ~ 1 and the next would have PI avg ~ 10. At high speeds, that was around 10 (read back just fine) for the good ones and > 100 for the bad ones (could not be read back). :eek:

I have very little faith in Ritek. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yah, still weird to have the same happened to TYG01… the same disk, the same drive… all the difference is a reboot… and one is at avg 30PI and the other is at 1ish PI…

I understand they are well within the acceptable limit =) just curious about why they can be so different…

Thanks for the help =)

My guess is that if you skip the reboot, and just eject the disc, you’ll see the same variation.

also how long between scans? it may be that the dye “settled” if your first scan was directly after burning and the second was a while later.

I Think Cnlson MayB On 2 Something.
As I Believe If Ya Just Finished Burning And Do A Scan Straight Away The DVD Hasn’t Had A Chance 2 Cool Down 100% From The Burning Process.

I have noticed one thing. Same Drive 812S@812S(US0N) & 812S@832S(VS04). Firmware has a part to play in this. With US0N K-Probe reports are 10 times higher that with VS04. Media is RicohJPNR01, Imation, same spindle…

Beach-hobo So What Ya Sayin’ Is If I Flash My 812S US0N To 832S VS04
My Scan Of This DVD What B Greatly Improved?

Well, I think results vary with K-Probe by drive, by type, by everything.
With US0N my PI was 127
With VS04 my PI was 10

I went back/forward a few time and the results are the same…