How to find the title of a ps2 game on a dvd-rw




I burned several dvd-rw’s with ps2 games on them. I didn’t type the titles on the media, I just number them, so I can re-use the rw’s for saving other games later. Now I forgot which is which. How do you tell, from the contents of the dvd’s, what title this or that game has?
I’m using a tiny but very good disk archiver called ‘cathy’ to help me find what I want when I look for it. But I need to give each rw a volume name. The archiver finds it out when its a dvd movie, but not when its a ps2 game…

Where in the contents of a ps2 dvd can I manually find the title? is there anyway or tool to find out?


Just give the disc a volume name when you burn content onto it.


Thanks, but what about dvd’s that I didn’t give a name to, or when burning from images that happens to have got no volume title?


OK, I will not comment about the sources of such images, but IIRC tools like Imgburn let you change the volume name if the media type allows it.

On the other side, I have no idea how the console would handle such an volume name, deny playing it or just ignoring it?!?