How to find the manufacturer Id of a CDROM

Hello ! I want to know whether i can find the manufacturer ID of any blank CD ROM. Please help me wthin any code (in VB or c++) that will help me find it or else any suggestion.

thank you

You need to look at the ATIP information:

Subject: [2-38] What’s an ATIP? (2002/12/11)

ATIP is an acronym for Absolute Time In Pregroove. All CD-R and CD-RW discs have a pre-cut spiral groove that wobbles slightly. The groove keeps the write head tracking properly, and the wobble (sinusoidal with a frequency of 22.05KHz) provides timing information to the recorder. The wobble is frequency-modulated with a +/-1KHz signal, which creates an absolute time clocking signal, known as the Absolute Time In Pregroove (ATIP).

In the lead-in area, which is at the start of the disc, the ATIP signal can be read to get some information about the disc. The only really useful bit of information is the number of blocks on the disc, which is determined by the length of the pre-formed groove.

The ATIP signal also holds some information about the disc’s construction and manufacturer, but see section (2-33) for some comments about their usefulness. used to have ATIP information, but the “Disc Identification Method” link is now password-protected.