How to find the best quality media ? - Let us help you

I just posted the article How to find the best quality media ? - Let us help you.

Currently burning isn’t an expensive hobby. The CD-RW drives are relativly cheap, and also CD-R media isn’t really expensive. And currently CD-RW drives have enough technology on board to even…

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Thanks for the article about CD-R media. However, I’d suggest that you reference one of the FREE ATIP readers such as aHead’s CD Speed and InfoTool. The example given in the article pointer to Feurio’s site which was written auf Deutsch. Stan

Last time I tried InfoTool, I got a nice BSOD. But cdrecord works fine.

I don’t worry about CD quality. I only buy Mitsui Gold, and Mitsui Silver (80m) and use it for all my important backups. Off the shelf stuff (memorex usually) if I need to burn something for somebody. :slight_smile:

The best CDR factories are Mitsui & Taiyo Yuden. Everything else is garbage.

I beg to differ shippy. TDK has had some great CD-R’s (some have been Tayio Yuden but mostly TDK Corp) but also some bad ones (Ritek). Verbatim (Mitsubishi Chemicals) is the best media alongside Mitsui and TY’s imo. Too bad they don’t work with Lite-On drives though.

Don’t people know about: Chronic, your comment about Lite-On drives is pure speculation. Also, Ritek are known to manufacture good media, so I don’t know how you form your opinions. I’ve noticed TDK to use more and more CMC manufactured media to sell in Australia.