How to find out what data is corrupt and causing burns to fail?

what software would u suggest me to use to scan what files are corrupt? 2 of my hdd’s are dying so I’m trying to backup as much as possible, sometimes a burn keeps freezing and then crashes at the same spot cause one or more files are containing errors. So I need to find out what specific files are so badly damaged they cant be burned.

greatful for any help.

Please use Nero Infotool, stick one of your writable DVDR’s (which are the most likely cause of your problems) into the drive & post the log.

If your HD’s are factually ailing, I would recommend firstly to buy a new HD, install windows onto the new Drive, and then use a copying program to copy all the files off your old HD’s.

Then you can run scandisk to determine where the issue is.
I find it odd that two HD’s are failing at the same time.

I vehemently suspect it’s poor quality DVD media.

The discs are verbatim taiyo yuden tyg03 discs from SVP where they’ve gotten excellent reviews, I know it could be a bad batch but I also know for a fact that 2 of my hdd’s are dying after running maxtors tool powermax on them. Its not just one dvd disc failing its every and had it with other files too, when I took out the damaged file the disc burned just fine so pretty sure this isnt caused by media…

will scandisk tell me exactly what files are bad? any better tool?


Agree with everything Debro suggests and media is the most likely cause.

Is it worth trying with different IDE cables?

dont think so, the hdd’s are sata, and the ide cable connected to the burners is brand new.

are u guys implying a damaged file on my hdd cant cause my burn to freeze?

I would have thought that if you could copy it from 1 HDD to another then your burning app shouldn’t have a problem, unless it’s actually trying to process the file where corruption could cause a failure. An example of what I mean would be burning an Audio CD from mp3 files.

Now that point it out, I agree, with previous dvd-r I had an issue burning (same brand, same batch) like this I couldnt even copy the file from one drive to another. Now this is weird as its the same media and 2 discs in a row froze on the exact same place.

Going to try to copy the files to a healthy hdd then burn them from there to see if that works out fine.

btw, is there an app to scan for such errors in the files so I dont have to waste media testing all the time?


Why should there be errors in the files? If, then you must check the hdd and its filesystem first.

Because, being the same media from the same batch:
a) The stamper making the discs had an issue & created thousands of defective discs which are bad at exactly the same place


b) Most likely, your burner attempts to recalibrate it’s laser on these discs at the same speed, at the same place, and because they are crappy media, it can’t correctly recalibrate, and fails the burn.

Have you tried burning with a DVDRW at least? or a different brand of discs?

We provide our time & advice for free. Please try it.

We generally recommend Verbatim (Mitsubishi) or Taiyo Yuden. Both brands arefor the most part consistent and reliable, even the budget versions that make it to open market.

I copied the files to my healthy hdd, took the 3rd dvd-r from the same spindle and it worked just fine… looked like a good transfer test and no crc errors in the scan by nero cdspeed.

To me it looks like the hdd caused it, not the media, but I’m not the professional at this subject here. Anyone of you have any suggestions on what the error was?

The help I’ve recieved is much appreciated.


I’m running win2000 sp4 and still have about a month left on warranty on the oldest drive so they will be sent in for repair or replacement as soon as I backed my things up.

Run a scandisk on the problematic drive with surface scanning turned on … it’ll probably take upwards of 12hrs.

Also, try changing the IDE cable, or at least unplug & replug the connectors into the mobo & drive.

Can you turn SMART on in the bios? It performs some self monitoring & can give low-level indications if a drive appears to be dying.
Scandisk can really only comment on the filesystem & data areas (which may or may not be the actual issue).

Also, you can try removing the main IDE controller from windows device manager, which will cause windows to re-install all the drivers … sometime windows manages to corrupt/screw up drivers &/or settings. Reinstalling the controller my fix this.

I had a similar issue with a raid0 array a long time ago. Everything was fine except for one file … got to a certain point in the file …and Bam! … BSOD & reboot!
Rolling back to a previous version of drivers fixed it.

Thanks for your reply!

My drives are SATA not IDE. I Know my hdd’s are dying, powermax indicates it, computer is slow overall and sometimes freezes, esp when accessing files in areas where the drive is damaged. Sometimes they also give a helicopter like sound so there is no doubt they are dying.