How to find out media codes?

Without having the media and testing it with a software, how do I find out the media codes so that I know if a particular brand/model is good or not? I’m trying to buy some 16X DVD+R media online for my 1653S, but the online catalog only show TDK/Verbatim/Prodisc/Ritek/Philips/etc and don’t show the code(MCC/CMC/etc).

Also, what are some good places to get cheap(pricewise) media?

Anyone? I’ve checked out rima, supermediastore, newegg and a couple others, but I’m not sure which 16X DVD+R media is good since the media codes aren’t listed. I see some good deals on Ritek media but apparently the recent batches within the past year have degrading problems.

There is no way to know for certain what you’ll get based on brand alone, although by doing some research you can find out what a particular brand and speed typically uses.

Search the media forums here or do a media search here.

Just buy it from Rima, and you’ll get what you expect. For 16x +R media, each maker only has one code, so Verbatim will be MCC004, etc., etc.

I did search on the media forums here, but I didn’t find much information. There seems to be a lot more choices(including TY media) for DVD-R, but I’m looking at 16X DVD+R because my SOHW-1653S only burns DVD-R at 12X. The 16X DVD+R media I see on rima seem to be pretty generic Verbatim/Ritek. I’ve been told to just make sure that the Verbatims are AZO+ media, but rima’s description claims that they’re “metal AZO” or “advanced AZO”. The former has a product picture that looks like one I see on newegg, which is labelled “made in taiwan”.

Oppps - just checking

I guess I’ll try the inkjet printable Verbatim 16X DVD+R model #94917 that’s made in taiwan. I searched the web for the model number as well as videohelp and it seems to be MCC media. Newegg has a pretty good price on it too.

I don’t see why you’d bother when:

  1. Verbatim has been of varying quality for a long time
  2. TY is cheaper (probably) and awesome

Go for Rima. Do a search and read all the awesome comments that company has generated.

Good luck,

Coz I didn’t get much feedback from the threads I posted and TY doesn’t make 16X DVD+R. I’ve ordered the Verbatim from other recommendations, let’s see how it goes. Rima is selling those for a higher price, and newegg hasn’t let me down so far.

I have the 1693s, a similar drive. You’d probably be happy with the results if you burned TYG02 (8x media) at 12x in this drive. 16x media (most will agree) is still not the most cost-concious option. Burning 8x media at it’s rated speed or overspeeding give similar or better results and costs far less. Just a thought.

Best of luck with the Verbs… you’ll need it.


You do know that 16x burns save almost no time over 12x burns, don’t you? And are usually going be of lower burn quality than 12x burns as well, with most media.

I would not let 12x vs. 16x burn speed be your primary reason for choosing a potentially lower quality disc, unless your priorities are honestly risking crappy burns because you got lower quality media in exchange for about 30 seconds less in burn time per disc.

16x can save time over 12x depending on the burner. There’s definitely a speed advantage with the LG 4163B since it can burn 16x DVD-R in about 5:19.

Yeah, that proves my point. That burner will burn 16x at about 5:20 as you say, and burn 12x at about, what, 5:50? 30 seconds difference, I should hope that saving 30 seconds in burn speed is not anyone’s reason for choosing lower quality media.

All this talk about getting the best quality media for your money, then to choose lesser media because it takes about 30 seconds less to burn… :rolleyes:

You’re assuming the 16x media is lower quality than the 8x though, which isn’t always the case. Verbatim 16x DVD+R burns much better at 16x on my LG than Verbatim 8x DVD+R at 8x or 12x.

Am I? :confused: No. :disagree:

All that I said was based on the specifics in this thread, that he was going to choose 16x Verbatim over, for example, 8x TY, even though the TY is cheaper. And with all the variation in Verbatim discs anymore vs. the reliability of TY discs, I therefore pointed out that he was likely choosing the lower quality media for its faster burn speeds, 12x vs 16x. Of course I’m making the assumption that the 8x TY can be burned at 12x better than the 16x Verbatim at 16x on his particular drive. I’ve seen tons of scans of 8x TY burned at 12x with awesome results, but of course that may or may not be the case with his burner.

Anyway… :doh: My only point was that I wouldn’t make what I’d consider a small difference in burning time, 30-40 seconds, the deciding factor in discs to use. But then the Verbatims may burn great at 16x, it just depends on what discs he ends up getting.

I’m replying to a Galapagos’ question from another thread :slight_smile:

I checked about the +R Verbs at Rima, reorder #95033 is MCC004, the good stuff. Actually I don’t think Verbatim sells any “generic” 16X DVD stuff, they have “budget” CDR discs and 8X DVD-R, but I haven’t heard of “budget” (non-MCC) 16X Verbs as yet. :confused:

I can’t recommend Ritek because of the variation in quality reported by many members, and my own bad experiences with Ritek discs bought since the fall of 2004. Before this time I was pretty much a Ritek addict.

I’m not saying these +R 16X Ridata at Rima won’t be good discs, just that personally I recently choosed not to recommend Ritek anymore. Also you have to see in the LiteOn forum if these discs are compatible with your drive…

These awesome TYG02 @12X results are mainly from BENQ drives I think. I can’t reproduce these oustanding 12X results in my Pioneer and Nec drives.

This said considering the price of 16X Verbatims in the US, personally I’d also choose the TYG02.

Here in Europe it’s the other way round, unbranded 8X TY is more expensive than 16X Verbs… cheapest TYG02 is Verbatim-branded here, and the price is almost the same than 16X Verbs.

Thanks for all the replies. Well, like I said didn’t get much feedback, so I based my decision on my common sense and what I found in existing threads. The Liteon FAQ basically said stick with DVD+R, and having just flashed my drive from a SOHW-1213S to a 1653S, I wanted to try out the 16X speed, so logically I went with 16X DVD+R, and optimized my choice based on that parameter. I wasn’t thinking of anything else, since there wasn’t any reason to. Now that some of you guys have pointed that out, perhaps I should have, but it’s a tad late since I’ve already ordered the Verbatims. From what I’ve read elsewhere and in the posts above, these are quality media, though perhaps overpriced compared to TY 8X media. I’m assuming the TY 8X media(DVD+R or DVD-R) can be written to at 12X with my burner? Coz I don’t see any 12X media sold anywhere at all, and the difference between a 8X and 16X burn is significant.

Thanks again for all the opinions, and keep them coming. It’s a learning experience.

Well I got the Verbatims and they burn perfectly at 16X in under 6min. The media are MCC004 so I guess they’re pretty quality media. However, the new firmware that I flashed to doesn’t seem to burn my Prodisc R03 DVD+Rs at 8X anymore. Nero only recognizes it as 6X media.

Glad to hear that you got a good spindle :D. Post a scan for us, would you? Always nice for those considering what to order themselves, as you now know.