How To Find Out Disc Brand & Info?

I posted to find out who makes a store brand disc. I bought some. How can I find out the brand, make, and info? Thanks.

CDs or DVDs? Nero CD-DVD Speed can identify the MID/ATIP for either.

Dvdinfopro m8 google for it :slight_smile:

dvd identifer :slight_smile:

For CD-Rs, Nero CD/DVD Speed is fine. But for DVDR media I would recommendDVD Identifier. Not only does it provide basic info like manufacturer and MID, it also displays the Media Code block (in hex and ANSI) that you should supply with your post. Here is an example.

There are 2 ways I know to find info:

After inserting a DVD just click in DVD Indentifier [B]on the “More info” button, there are 2 otions there:

  • Media Match
  • Video Help[/B]

I dont claim here that all the information put out there in these 2 links is 100% true
I just stay away from “unclear” brands

You can identify the media code with a variety of programs but, unfortunately this may not help you much because media codes are often faked. :frowning:

If you buy reputable brands (e.g. Fuji or TDK) that have a Taiyo Yuden media code then you’re getting Taiyo Yuden discs. However, if you buy store brand or unbranded discs, you could be getting anything no matter what the media code may be.