How to find out copy protection?




I have an original Navigation CD from Blaupunkt/Teleatlas (CD Navigation EX, Germany/Europe V6, cd2-DEU+MRE_2008_EX v1). The cover says, that this CD ist copy protected.

I used all the tools mentioned here:
but every tool says, that the CD is not copy proteced or copy protection is unknown, with exception from BurnOut. It says that the copy protection is “PSX Libcrypt”. But in various forums people talk, that this CD ist protecded with “Tages”, “Safe Disc” or “Settec Alpha Rom”.

How can I find out the proper copy protection?

Thank you for help!



The Protection scanners don’t find a protection as there are no protected files like on Windows games/apps.
It’s just the functional principle of the Navigation CDs’ protection that’s similar to Safedisc, Tages, etc.

You can check an image of your disc with Alexander Noé’s Weak Sector Utility:
If there are any weak sectors you can try settings suitable for Safedisc in CloneCD or Alcohol 120%.
If it’s one of the other two mentioned you are out of luck.

P.S.: with the utility you can also check a simple ISO (with n=2048), doesn’t have to be a CloneCD image.