How To Fill Unused Space On Backup Dvd



I have found hundreds of threads and programs to shrink the size of a dvd movie to fit on a standard 4.7 disc, but no where can I find any information on how to fill a 4.7 disc when the movie is short (about 3.3 gb) I use dvd decrypter to download the movie and then the same to back it up on dvd-r…however there is left over unwritten space on the disc. I need a way to fill out the unused space and instructions how


i would donate the unused space to charity… :doh:

seriously - why would you have a problem with some unused space?
if a movie takes less than a full disc - so be it.


If you back-up a DVD and you have space to spare, then leave it how it is. A DVD back-up with no compression used, is as close you are going to get to a 1:1 copy. You COULD re-encode it but it will cause more problems than its worth. Also it will take some time.



Just leave it the way it is, enlarging the size dont mean that the quality will be better.


You can put in the remaining space an avi or other data too large for a CD, but too small to fit an entire DVD. I do it and don’t cause problems for dvd playback.

To do is simple: with nero choose

New compilation --> DVD video --> Put all vob and ifo files on “VIDEO_TS” directory --> the put all other files to fit all disc on the root of the disc (not in a directory) --> Burn the compilation


Again, Why would you want to do this?


Because DVD are costly, and I don’t want waste any of them. :disagree:

Furthermore, this system is good for data too large for a single CD and too little to fit entirely a DVD.


How much do u pay for one dvd, cuz i onl pay like 50 cents a dvd :iagree:


better prize that I’ve found on a store is 1,50 euro for a single DVD



  • download winrar
  • dvd shrink any movie to 1% quality
  • rar all files
  • store them on dvd’s

//end of sarcasm//

Waste the space. It’s not worth the fuss to fill it with crappy data you wouldn’t access anyway.