How to figure out whether an image is a direct rip or not

Is there a way to figure out whether a clone cd image is a direct rip of an original cd or a re-rip of a burned image.
I have an original game cd which I ripped in clonecd format and I downloaded a re-rip of the same game cd.
I’ve compired the *.ccd files and here are the results


< PreGapSubC=0—> PreGapSubC=1

< INDEX 0=243568—> INDEX 0=243570

< INDEX 0=250797—> INDEX 0=250834

< INDEX 0=257961—> INDEX 0=257999

Direct images are obviously higher in quality, that’s why I want to know.
Much thx and regards

Generally one remembers if they made an image of an original or of a copied copy.

Where did you get the .ccd files from?
That might help determine it.

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I downloaded a re-rip of the same game cd.

This is not a philosophical or technical question discussed on this site.