How to fade out/in DVD?

I’ve got DVD of “Meet Me in St. Louis” that I play every year at Halloween and Christmas.

I’d like to back it up, but the whole movie won’t fit onto a single DVD-R without some loss in quality.

So I’d like to divide it between two DVDs. This should be easy, because the movie itself is divided into four sections, one for each of the seasons of the year. The first and longest section is Summer, so I’d like to put that on the first DVD, and then the remaining three sections on the second DVD.

The trouble is that the transition from the Summer segment to the Autumn segment is a visual dissolve accompanied by a musical crossfade. I usually use DVD Fab to reauthor my backups when I need to put a film onto two disks.

On disk 1 I’d like to be able to fade out the audio and video at the end of the Summer section and then on disc 2 fade in the audio and video of the Autumn section. But I don’t think DVD Fab has the capability of doing that, does it?.

I’m wondering if there’s a free program that will run under Win XP that I could use to add these fade outs and fade ins to smooth the transitions between disks when I have to divide a movie between two DVDs.

You can do this in Womble Mpeg Video Wizard DVD. It isn’t free, but there is a fully functional trial available for download. The trial will last 30 days.

Thanks Kerry56!

Have you used this program before?

Do you think a cognitively challenged oldster like me, with chronic health issues that severely limit the amount of time I can spend sitting up at computer could figure out how to use it?

Err…don’t know how to answer that one Clueless. You’ll want to look through the Help file that is included. I have the program since it was offered for free at Giveawayoftheday not too long ago, and have played with the trial in the past, but I’m certainly not an expert with it, as I have little need for editing mpeg or dvd files.

You might also want to look through this guide for using the program:

Edit: Remember to decrypt and rip the dvd to the hard drive first, before trying to open it with the Womble program. It doesn’t include a decryption capability.