How to extract two tracks belonging together

Is there any simple procedure to extract two neighboured tracks, where the music makes no pause between the tracks with PlexTools(Prof)?
I have only seen the possibility of extracting these two tracks to one file, but in this case I lose the starting marker of the second track.
To “check pause” (what for is this?) or to “include pause” has not the wanted effect. Always a gap of 2 seconds interrupts the music.

I just found the solution. If one wants to join two tracks without pause, one has to set the pause of the second (= pregap) track from 00:02.00 to 00:00.00 (using properties for the title in the audio cd maker). They will be joined without any clicking noise.

Yeah 0 second gaps, it’s not a matter of ripping it’s how you burn it back to a CD.

No way to rip them that way though but you can cmbine them in a wave editor for PC play.