How to extract the Soundtrack from DVD Movie

How do I extract the soundtrack from a DVD movie? And how do I later on convert the soundtrack to mp3 format?

The purpose is to listen to the soundtrack from Pirates of the Caribbean on my mp3 player.
(And I’m talking about the entire soundtrack in its full lenght, including dialogue and stuff, not just the music)

Programs easy to use is preferred, I’m not an expert…


Man, I’m wanting to learn how also.

you mean the whole audio stream form the movie? you can use DVD Decrypter in IFO mode (just check if you have enabled [B]Stream Processing[/B] in options), then when you use DVD Decrypter in IFO mode - press [B]Stream Processing[/B], select audio stream and set [B]Demux[/B] and start decrypting. after that, you will have audio stream (AC3) on you HDD, so just use some software (BeLight) to convert it

here is the guide for DVD Decrypter

Or just use an allinone solution like dvd audio ripper.

I did that but trouble was that I ended up with all the audio not just music and/or songs. How do I just select the background music? Thanks for all help.

You can’t do that. Purchase the Soundtrack from the store.

On the DVD, unless in the audio TS folder it is seperated, the soundtrack is part of the movie.

Or if you have 5.1, 6.1 it may be seperated, but hard to extract.