How to extract my drive's firmware and kernel into a file?

I have a LG DRD-8160B with firmware 1.03 and I have been experiencing problems since I wrote my first DVD-R. Although I don’t remember, I may have misflashed the drive. I want to extract its firmware into a file and compare it with the “official” one released by LG. May this be useful ? How can I do it? (possibly the kernel too)

I don’t think that there is any way… unless mtkflash works with the drive. I don’t think it does.

Huh :o. Some time ago, I was going to flash my drive with a new F/W. It was a bit risky, so someone told me to “dump” my actual firmware in case I needed it later. What does “dump” mean ? I thought it meant “extracting my firmware out to a .BIN file for later restoring”… am I right ?