How to extract images of CD's w/SAFEDISK fast?

Hi guys.

Could u tell me what’s the best way to extract an image of one CD that’s protected by SAFEDISK_v1.0 or later.

The fact is I dont like to store ISO’z cause the size of the files… u know, I rather than that prefer to burn the ISO and if some of my friends wants a copy, I just extract the image of the burned CD to make another copy. But extract images of CD’s protected w/SAFEDISK_v*.** takes a long time and efforts of CD readers, as u know.

So if there is a reliable n secure way to extract those images from CD’s faster please let me know… what appz use ? n how to do that ?

Thx in advance :confused:

Originally posted by rax369
I rather than that prefer to burn the ISO and if some of my friends wants a copy

That’s illegal :eek:

Why don’t you tell us what you normally use? CloneCD? BlindShite?

You want to quickly burn of copies of CDs, then why not put the images on a CD as a file?

I dont put the ISO file itself in a CD because I dont want to waste a CD burning it w/an image if a already have the ISO burned.

I always check 1st. w/ClonyXXL if the CD I want to copy has some kind of protection, and after that step I use CCD to extract the CD image. But when a CD is SafeDisk protected, the image takes a lot of time ( " hours " )to be extracted.

So I just wander if there is a new way, or a new program around to extract images from CD’s with SafeDisk protection, but fast. Simple as that. If there is no way to extrat the image fast then just let me know.

Thx :smiley: