How to extract contents of DATA.PAK file from PS2 game 'True Crime Streets of LA'?

Does anyone know how to extract the contents of a DATA.PAK file from the PS2 game true crime streets of LA? ive tried several .pak opening programs and none of them worked. i tried cube media player (too slow) and game extractor (too difficult to use and creates music files with no footer, hangs up MFAudio) does anyone know of a good program or method i can do to open and extract the contents of this data.pak file other than hooking my playstation 2 to my computer and recording in real time which ive dont that but the music doesnt sound right and it takes too long. and BTW CDFreaks its great to see this site with a green mcafee siteadvisor check mark, awesome, and please make sure posters verify where they get their links from lets keep this site free of viruses nobody likes viruses shall we?