How to extract boot's files?

I wanted to know how to extract the boot’s files from a bootable cd-rom , kind winME or win2k!!!

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Nobody know the method to do it???

with “normal” bootable cdroms you can extract the
bootimage with IsoBustor or CDmage. The image can be written to a floppy with img2dsk (

As always Microsoft uses a “slightly” non-standard way
for their bootable CD’s (NT4, Win2000, XP)

you can everything read about in here :

hope this helps a bit…


Windows 98:
On the cd go to tools -> mtsutil -> fat32ebd and start the program fat32ebd to make a bootdisk.

Windows 2000:
On the cd go to bootdisk and start the program bootdisk and make the 4 bootdisks.