How to extract audio from mpg



hey guys wondering if yall can help me out here, im trying to extract a specific audio channel from a mpg file to either mp3 or wav, i’ve tried a bunch of programs but they all extract both the left and right channel to a single file, and i only want the left channel only. what can i do? is there a program that can achieve that? thanks in advance


You could achieve this by using an audio editor such as Audacity. Just open the two channel wav file with Audacity, and select the “split stereo track” from the drop down window next to the track name. You can then delete the unwanted channel and save the wav file.


Virtualdubmod or TMPGEnc. Excellent tools.


Imtoo audio encoder can extract audio from AVI, MPEG, and other video files, convert them to MP3, WAV. You can find in google and try it. :iagree:


For extracting audio from video (avi, asf, wmv) i can idvise to use Video mp3 Extractor PRO. Very good tool.Support batch conversion, you can convert a lot of file in one click. Use google to find it :slight_smile: