How to extract audio from a video DVD

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I already tried to do a search, but no conclusive information come up :frowning:

I have some video DVD that are classical music concertos. These are not audio-DVD, just regular video DVDs with ifo-bup-vob files.

I’d like to extract audio from these discs to store it separately without the video.

After some googling, I found a freeware (and also portable) software named Pazera Free Audio Extractor, but I’m not sure if it’s me doing something wrong or if this software is not what I need.

After loading all vob files in the main windows, I selected “Try extract original audio streams”, and after a couple of minutes (extraction was pretty fast) I got a WAV file for each vob.

Putting these WAV files in foobar I got some information (see attached picture). So, apparently Pazera extracted the LPCM audio and saved it as WAV file.

But… according to DVD Shrink, in that video there are two audio tracks: LPCM 2 channels and DTS 5-channels.

I can’t find a way to extract the DTS track with that software, and I’d like to extract it so I can retain the 5 channels.

While I was typing this message, I was listening for these WAV files, and noticed that three of them are only noise, so apparently this Pazera software is not really working good.

Can someone suggest me a safer procedure to extract both LPCM and DTS audio tracks from video DVDs? If needed I can also purchase a software :slight_smile:

TIA :slight_smile:

EDIT: just added properties of FLAC files obtained with Pazera. Two vob files were not converted because of errors, so 2 audio files are missing. This software is definitely not working :frowning:

You should be able to get all the audio streams demuxed from the dvd using PGCDemux. Use the VTS_01_0.IFO file as input.

After that, I’m not too sure what format you want the DTS files to be in, and what software you expect to play it.

I rarely see DTS audio in dvds, but it is common in blu ray.

I tried to convert a 6 channel 48khz DTS file using the built-in conversion capability of VLC media player. Going to 44.1khz wav file, with 6 channels, it seemed to work ok. Have no idea if this is recommended. :stuck_out_tongue:

The wav file looked identical to the original DTS file in Audacity (other than the frequency). Of course the wav file is much bigger in size.

If you have the ffmpeg plug-in for Audacity, it can probably do the conversion also, but didn’t try with it.

The old reliable DVDDecrypter will/should extract all the the audio streams from your concert DVDs…If of course the already mentioned does not work for you…
I’ll see if I can dig up the old reliable tutorial…
Here it is!..No need to use Goldwave if you have Audacity installed…Good luck!

Audacity ® 1.3.12-beta (Unicode) will do both the .ac3 & DTS tracks . It will work with them as 6 channel . At least that’s what I tested with. It will save them to several file formats . I used .wav for the test & ended up with a 6 channel .wav .
As Kerry posted above you will need the ffmpeg plug-in for Audacity.
You can directly load a .vob into Audacity. You want to “Select all” the tracks then “Export”.
Audacity will give you the option to select the .ac3 tracks or the dca (DTS Coherent Acoustics) tracks.
The only problem you may have is if the audio for a song is split between two .vobs .
What I suggest if that is the case is join all the .vobs into one. Export that as a .wav.
Then reopen that .wav in Audacity to split it into each song.
I use a program called joinvobfilestool but many also like VobMerge.

I didn’t try VLC player for this But probably will give it a try.

The only problem with using DVDDecrypter is you have to do it from a DVD disc or mount an image in a virtual drive.
Also make sure the Audio track you select is freshly highlighted when you push the “start”. If you don’t you will end up with an Audio only .vob .
If you do you will have an .ac3 or DTS track depending on which you select & highlight.

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

I’ll try some more tests :iagree:

I have to find DVD Decrypter somewhere in my spare HDD (after my old computer died I didn’t install it again :doh:)

It worked :smiley:

PgcDemux extracted both audio tracks. Now I have two files, both can be played with Foobar (see pictures).

Both files were created very quickly (HDD speed was basically the only bottleneck in the processing), so I’m assuming that no modification or encoding was done to audio tracks.

However, I don’t know why DTS file is shown as “lossy” by Foobar :confused:

The “DTS” file has a lower volume compared to the WAV one when playing with foobar, but playing the VOB files with VLC volume seems identical fot both :eek:

Next test: using Foobar to compress both to FLAC or VawPack :bigsmile:

If it fails I’ll try with Audacity :iagree:

I wonder if PgcDemux allow also to extract each separate chapter, so I can make separate tracks. If not, I have to try with DVD Decrypter :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for help :bow::bow::bow::bow:

WavPack compression done only on the WAV file (if I try to compress the DTS file I get an error (see picture).

Compression level is very good:

Wav file --> 1.12 GB (1,204,044,524 bytes)
Wv file --> 476 MB (499,140,920 bytes)

I still have no idea why DTS file extracted from VOBs by PgcDemux is seen as “lossy” :confused:

Update: it is possible to extract each chapter with PgcDemux selecting the option “[B]Single cell[/B]”, but this must be done for each cell, and every cell must be saved in a different folder or manually renamed before the next cell extraction or PgcDemux will overwrite files :doh:

DTS audio found on dvds is a lossy codec, as is AC3 or MP2. The only lossless audio codec in dvds is LPCM, and it isn’t often found in commercial movies, as it takes a lot of room.

DTS HD MA is a lossless codec for blu ray, but not found on dvds.

PGCDemux may not give you output by chapters. It has three modes, but I’ve only used it in PGC mode. You could always cut the wav file in Audacity into the sections you want.

Edit: I see you’ve already started playing around with PGCDemux. :slight_smile:

@ geno888 , Is what looks like the .wav file supposed to be 2 channel ?

I didn’t use PGCDemux . I will give it a try & see what foobar does .
Audacity produced 6 channel .wav files same as 5.1 .

oops… I had no idea that DTS audio in DVD is lossy :o

Cutting manually the file with Audacity is a rather long process. The most annoying part is to manually find start/end points for each chapter.

I’ll try to extract 3-4 cells with PGCDemux to see if each cell is corresponding to a single chapter.

@ cholla I’m using Foobar right now, and I was able to compress the large WAV file (derived from the LPCM audio track in VOB files). The LPCM track is 2-channels in VOB files.

The above pictures are taken from Foobar right clicking on files extracted by PGCDemux and loaded in foobar :slight_smile:

Again update :bigsmile:

Extracting each cell will create separate files for each chapter. in this way I can load all files in Foobar and batch compress all of them to FLAC or WavPack in a single step (using Foobar).

Loading all these files in ImgBurn I also can make a CUE file, so it is also very easy to make an audio CD from the LPCM files :slight_smile:

I can leave the DTS file as is and play it with Foobar and 5.1 computer speakers :slight_smile:

Just for the record, I’m pretty sure that DVD Decrypter will be a better method, but because of I have it not installed right now and I already have all VOB files ripped to HDD, PGCDemux is the fastest solution for me at the moment :slight_smile:

A big THANK YOU for help :bow::bow:

The DVD I tested with is a movie DVD. The DTS track doesn’t indicate if it is LCPM.
Checked with MediaInfo the text is this:
General #0
Complete name : C:\Users\Desktop\PGDemux\VIDEOTSIFO\AudioFile_89.dts
Format : DTS
File size : 579 MiB
PlayTime : 1h 45mn
Bit rate : 768 Kbps

Audio #0
Codec : DTS
Bit rate : 768 Kbps
Channel(s) : 6 channels
Channel positions : Front: L C R, Surround: L R, LFE
Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz
Resolution : 24 bits

I don’t have any concert DVD’s . So I may not have any with LCPM .

I just completed the single extraction for each chapter, and now I have two sets of files (one for each chapter): DTS and LPCM.

Here there is the information I get from MediaInfo from the vob files

Audio #1
ID : 0 (0x0)
Format : PCM
Duration : 1h 44mn
Channel(s) : 2 channels
Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz

Audio #2
ID : 137 (0x89)
Format : DTS
Format/Info : Digital Theater Systems
Duration : 1h 44mn
Channel(s) : 5 channels
Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz
Compression mode : Lossy

Then the information obtained from a single chapter extracted with PGCDemux in DTS format:

Complete name : E:\New Folder\DTS\Cap 02.dts
Format : DTS
Format/Info : Digital Theater Systems
File size : 19.4 MiB
Duration : 3mn 36s
Overall bit rate : 755 Kbps

Format : DTS
Format/Info : Digital Theater Systems
Duration : 3mn 36s
Bit rate mode : Constant
Bit rate : 755 Kbps
Channel(s) : 5 channels
Channel positions : Front: L C R, Side: L R
Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz
Bit depth : 16 bits
Compression mode : Lossy
Stream size : 19.4 MiB (100%)

Finally, the same chapter extracted with PGCDemux in WAV format (i.e. extracted from the LPCM audio track)

Complete name : E:\New Folder\LPCM\Cap 02.wav
Format : Wave
File size : 39.6 MiB
Duration : 3mn 36s
Overall bit rate : 1 536 Kbps

ID : 0
Format : PCM
Format settings, Endianness : Little
Codec ID : 1
Codec ID/Hint : Microsoft
Duration : 3mn 36s
Bit rate : 1 536 Kbps
Channel(s) : 2 channels
Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz
Bit depth : 16 bits
Stream size : 39.6 MiB (100%)

LOL I just realized another “problem” using this method: every chapter must be manually modified to insert tags so Foobar can show properly title for every segment :doh:

[QUOTE=geno888;2587365] Just for the record, I’m pretty sure that DVD Decrypter will be a better method, but because of I have it not installed right now and I already have all VOB files ripped to HDD, PGCDemux is the fastest solution for me at the moment [/QUOTE]

@ geno888 , I found the DST track ripped with DVDDecrypter & PGCDemux to be identical.
I could post them both but they match the information in post # 14 .
I’m going to see if I have something with a LCPM audio track.
Is your LCPM audio track 2 channel on the original disc ?

Yes, LPCM is 2-channel also in original disc :slight_smile: