How To Exchange Drives With LG?

I recieved a exchange form from LG Canada from email, but I am not so clear on what to do with it. They said I could email it back, so am I supposed to scan my receipt and include within the document? Also, I have no idea how I’m supposed to send my faulty drive back, do I have to pay for the shipping myself?

Can someone please explain to me the steps?

Warranty issues vary in all places. Who will pay for shipment for RMA should have been clear in the first place when you bought the product.

It says in LG’s exchange policy that if a product is not actually faulty, I will be charged for it… so is there anyway for me to make sure my drive is faulty? Is there any sort of hardware tests out there?

CD Speed?

hmmmm, never thought of that before. Do you know if it’s possible to test DVD-VIDEOS only with it? because my burner seems to do fine with CD’s and copying DVD’s