How to erasing DV tapes?

I’ve just burned my first DVD disk and now I would like to completely erase my DV video tape. Yes I understand I can record over the existing material but I would like a clean tape.

Thanks in advance.


i don’t think there is a way to “erase” a dv tape.

you could black the tape id the issue is you don’t wnat the video that’s on it to still be on it by leaving the lens cap on and setting the camera to record in a dark and quiet room.

there downside to this is that the more you “tape over” on dv, the more unreliable your quality will be later on.

most professionals (and myself even though I’m not a professionl…yet) just amass an enormous collection of DV tapes. each one gets taped once then once its used it gets numbered using my own personal very detaile didentification system and placed in my library of other dv tapes in case I ever need the raw footage again.

Providing you tape in SP mode and use premium quality DV tapes and your DV Camera is in good shape you should have no problems retaping over. Unlike analog tapes, these are digital and do feature some level of error correction - There should be no problems taping a few times over. I personally would not do that on regular/standard type tapes, only the premium ones.

Thanks to all who replied.