How to erase, non physicaly damaged, brand new DVD-RW?

I have brand new Verbatim DVD-RW, which has been damaged when I burned with my old SONY Q28A burner. (Nero on this drive when I first inserted media to burn reported formating, then burned, I don’t know why this happend and it’s only on Q28A, this doesn’t happen on 111D) I’ve burned some things, now it’s not recognised by Q28A nor my 111D. Nero says insert DVD-RW, alcohol also won’t erase it, DVD decrypter also won’t erase it. Is there any software that can reformat in other method???

Alcohol can cause these sorts of things itself ;)…when troubleshooting, it’s most of the time best to uninstall this kind of software (Daemon Tools as well).

I have no problems with Alcohol nor Daemon regarding burning malfunctions, problem has been caused by nero.
Now I have tried Infotool, but it reports that there is no media in drive.

OK, but there’s always a first time, I agree though in this case Alcohol/DT are probably innocent :wink:

Anyway, back to the topic. A lot of people (including me) have had success formatting with ImgBurn when Nero fails. You might want to give that a shot.

Ok, I’ll try it now and report it in 20 mins or less.

Erased like charm, THANKS.

i still don’t understand this.
what is ImgBurn doing different? i thought it was a standard MMC command to erase a rewritable disc.

You’re welcome. As I said, it usually works when Nero gives up :slight_smile:

@dodecahedron - you know, I don’t have a clue LOL…all I know is it often “reaches parts other softwares can’t reach” :bigsmile:

Possibly, because ImgBurn also reported some error for DVD-RW when it was inserted, but It didn’t gave any comments when I tried to do erasing, like nero or alcohol “please insert DVD-RW media”

ImgBurn = Good at that sorta thing.

How to erase, non physicaly damaged, brand new DVD-RW??

Doesn’t need to be, because there is none on it.
It may be necessary to (quick)format it, if you want to use a different filesystem on it…