How to erase DVD+RW media for SONY RDR-HX910



Sorry if this is a repeat, I’m new on this forum

I am wondering how to erase or format DVD+RW discs previously recorded (or erased using NERO 6) on my PC (SONY DRU-710), for use on my SONY RDR-HX910 recorder ?

When I insert a DVD+RW disc containing video (burned on my PC), I can play the movie on the HX910, but the format option is not available (any other “disc info” field is empty); when I erase the disc using NERO 6, the HX910 says that it can not read the disc (and hence, not format it).

Is this a problem with my unit, or is it required to use truly blank DVD+RW media (i.e. media that has never been previously written in a computer DVD+RW drive) ? Or is there any other method to properly erase my DVD+RW for use in the HX910 ?


Try full erase on Nero, rather than quick erase.


Have the same problem. Tested the DVD+RW on an other RDR-HX710 and also there I can’t format the disc. Tested the same DVD+RW on a RDR-GX210 and there was no problem to format the disc. But after formatting it on that machine it still doesn’t work on the RDR-HX710. I’ve asked sony support for a solution but they can’t help me… So I’m also waiting for a solution


Found a solution!
With Nero CD/DVD speed select erase disc. Then select format disc.
Now I can use the DVD+RW again on my RDR-HX710


I have Nero 6 as well, but I use Alcohol 120% to erase the +RW and never had a problem with them



I have an HX910 and have exact same problem. Because I use both the dvdr and the PC for recording and watching TV, I’ve ended up having to mark my CDRWs as PC or DVDR so’s I don’t end up with all my CDRWs unusable in the HX910! What a pain. Have tried erasing short and long using Nero on the PC but still no luck. I’m trolling the Internet now and wll get back if I discover anything.


Oh - I can see the other replies now! Thanks - will try them. . . .


Try format mode on Sony


Same problem with GX210 will not erase or reformat high speed media- completely destroys them - stick to max 4x rw & use format mode


hi, re sony rdr-hx710 i want to replace HD with same as original but despite says it’s formatting it comes up with HDD error… any clue? please


without too much technical knowledge just how do you erase a RW DVD so that you can again copy movies.
I have the Next copy Ultimate edition can this be used


I’ve been having this problem for a few years now, and finally got sick of tossing DVD+/-RW’s because of this. :a

Using alcohol120% to erase didnt help for me, but joske666’s suggestion works :bow:

If you have Nero installed, open Nero DiscSpeed, in the menu click extra>erase disc, then click the format button

takes less than a minute to complete, and it works! :clap: