How to erase data from a Multi-Session CD?

Hi Guys!

How can I erase unwanted data from a multi-session CD/DVD. Normal erase method is simple, just deleting the data when making a new session, but that data is retained in the CD/DVD and is always recoverable. What can be done so that the data we erase cannot be recovered by any means.

Thank you.

Well depends on if you want to keep the disc or not? If not you can put it in the microwave for a period of time. :bigsmile:

Plextor announced a “eraser drive” just a while ago…expensive, but can be as effective as the above solution, destroying the disc to small pieces or scratching it in a way there is no “clean” space where the info can be taken off.
Data recovery using forensic tools can be quite effective, even with some so called reliable erasing tools.

(Don’t know if XP burning facility is any different, sorry)

If it is not RW, it cannot be done.

Destroying the data by destroying the media is easily done by using a microwave of course…

To buy an special drive for this makes no sense by 1 or 2 discs, especially when they are so darn cheap…

Hi chef, you’re right and that’s why I told it’s expensive and “can be as effective as” the cheap, direct ans easy solution.