HOW to erase a SINGLE file on DVD RW?

I’ve been going mad trying to use my DVDRW as a normal external hardrive, on which i could copy photos one day, work on some of them the next, and save them on the DVD RW, thus overwriting the old file. I’m starting to think it may be impossible… I’m using Nero, should i get easycd creator instead?
Thanks for ANY help and/or suggestions!!! :slight_smile:

you cant use the rw as an external hd

although I think you can erase a file while creating a new session but you wont get the space back for usage.

just copy the data back to the computer when it fills up and burn only what is needed

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The only way to do this is to use a so-called packet writing software, like Nero InCD or Sonic DLA.

However, I suggest you don’t use that softwares. They give only problems, and the probability to loose your data is very high.

Moreover, it’s not a very good idea to use a rewritable to do backups, because rewritables have an higher probability to loose data.

Another way to do this (I’m not sure) could be to write discs in multisession. But some users complain that multisession may give problems also.

If you want the most reliability then use RAM discs instead of rewritable. But this require a special burner, because not all burners are able to write on RAM media.

Hope this can help

If you use Roxio’s DragToDisk it’ll do this for you quite happily. I’ve found it far better than InCD. I’m not sure that InCD really does handle deletes too well anyway.

You should , however, heed the advice already given as there is a chance that a RW disk will get corrupted. Roxio has the ability to recover some of these errors but not always.

If you go with Roxio get V7 or V7.5. I’ve seen V8 & I don’t like it all.

As geno888 points out a DVD-RAM burner is by far the safest way of doing this.

If what you are looking to do is having a media that can be taken from PC to PC to transfer your files I would dump the DVD+RW idea and go for a USB Flash drive. Do you really need 4.7Gb of storage? Or could you use 1GB or several 1GB drives?

a 1GB USB Flash drive is running about $60.00. Just plug it into a USB port and read/write files to it, If you are running Windows XP no software is needed. Bigger flash drives are availiable, but they cost money. From what I have seen on newegg the following is the cost:

-128Mb $10.00
-256Mb $20.00
-512Mb $30.00

  • 1GB $60.00
  • 2GB $120.00
  • 4GB $240.00
  • 8 GB $500.00

if you go this route it’s best to decide how much space you really need.