How to erase a DVD+RW?



Hello, all. I formated a DVD+RW with DirectCD. But since I was going to burn an iso image, I don’t think I should’ve done that. :eek: How can I remove the formating?
Thanks much.


Most burning programs should have an “erase rewriteable disc” option. In Nero, it’s under

Recorder\Erase Recordable Disc\

This will erase any data DirectCD (= packet writing software) has written on the disc (special formatting). You can choose to do a quick-erase or full-erase. Check out this post of mine for the proper way to treat rewriteable media, and what erase method you should use when: click.


By using :

CloneCD5 > Erase
DVDInfoPro > Erase/Format


Ok. I’ll try that. But will DirectCD still have control or access of the disk, not allowing any other program to work with it? Is there a way around that? (I’m not at home right now so I can’t try it.)
Thanks guys. :bow:


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