How to erase a DVD-RAM badly formated?



I like to know if it is possible to recover a DVD-RAM which has been incompletely formated with InCD in a LG 4163 burner (the formating process has been interrupted …)

This DVD-RAM resists to all the Erase tools I have tried:

  • InCD Erase
  • Erase in Nero Burning ROM


There’s a program called DVD-RAM that should do the trick.

Click this link…



Thanks a lot !

I notice that this DVD-RAM.ZIP is 16,4 MB big ! Only for erasing a DVD-RAM ?

Unfortunaly my problem happened under Windows 98 SE and the software is for Windows XP

so I tried to guess and I downloaded:


Thanks a lot merlin100 !

My guess to downloaded:
was also right !

After dezipping the big multilingual ZIP file
I did the setup and obtained several tools
The one called “DVDForm” was able to format (even physically) all the 4,7GB DVD-AM I have


Glad to be of help. :smiley:

Only sorry it was a large file for you to download. :sad:

I had a similar problem myself, and couldn’t find anything else that would do the job. :iagree:





Where did you find that link?


Those files are also on LG site and LG forum here.


I found them through a Google search about 2 months ago. :smiley:

I did a search on the cdfreaks forum, but couldn’t find anything… :sad:

The Google search turned up a link to CDRlabs.



ps. I wasn’t specifically looking for DVD-RAM XP, I was looking for a free utiliity for formatting DVD-RAM disks from FAT32 to UDF.


merlin100, CDRLabs clearly says the files shouldn’t be directly linked that way.

Yes, that’s what InCD and general DVD-RAM drivers (regardless 98 or XP) do. LG hasn’t stopped supporting 98 users for DVD-RAM. For 5120, 5160, and 5163, drivers/firmware/utilities are included for both external box board and DVD-RAM for XP and 98. (The “Search” is useful when you know the right key words, but it is often better just to browse through the thread titles in a given forum as CDFreaks LG forum is in this case which has just about 1,000 threads which will take a few minutes to browse.)


I have been unable to find these files …

Is the correct LG DVD-RAM driver located among one of these 5 links ?


I only posted files for XP/2000 there but there were other files hosted on other places. As I didn’t have much time to manage that “ODD page” of mine, I didn’t bother looking for all the related files for the thousands of things.

They are UDF readers for 95/98/2000/ME posted in 2002 on one of LG download pages.

USB 2.0 driver for Windows 98 SE to use external 5120/5160/5163 drives.

DVD-RAM drivers for 98 are no more hosted on LG site officially because LG stopped hosting them because Windows XP supports DVD-RAM natively and the drivers are stored on bundled CD disks and also found on Matsushita/Panasonic and other sites and InCD can do the same things better.

BTW, to post this kind of question on Optical Storage Techincal Discussions forum is not nice either. :bigsmile:

Please only use this forum for in depth technical stuff. as the description says. :slight_smile:


Found here:

For the panasonic drivers which include the dust check utility, format utility and write protect utility (ON\OFF) go here

Does anybody know somethong about this " dust check utility "


BHA link seems to have most things.

[I]Select the one of the following updaters for your system.

Windows XP
English (952 KB) German (952 KB)
Chinese (Simplified) (952 KB) Italian (952 KB)
Chinese (Traditional) (952 KB) Korean (952 KB)
French (952 KB) Spanish (952 KB)

Windows 2000
English (952 KB) German (952 KB)
Chinese (Simplified) (952 KB) Italian (952 KB)
Chinese (Traditional) (952 KB) Korean (952 KB)
French (952 KB) Spanish (952 KB)

Windows Me/98
English (952 KB) German (952 KB)
Chinese (Simplified) (952 KB) Italian (952 KB)
Chinese (Traditional) (952 KB) Korean (952 KB)
French (952 KB) Spanish (952 KB) [/I]


Just for your information, my LG 4020b came with out of date drivers that I couldn’t use with XP, INCD is of no use to me,as I was wanting format the ram disk as UDF, not FAT. :eek:

As for direct linking, when a call for help is received, how am I supposed to respond? No bending of the rules - what a load of rubbish. :a

There are always pedantic folk out there… Pain in the arse. :frowning:


Direct linking is against the rules and clearly against what the owner of CDRLabs often warned about and you gain more by reading the original forum thread itself which is really why I recommended visiting the thread first before downloading the linked file. It is also against CDFreaks rules and ALL sane websites are against it as well.

InCD is good for various UDF formats.

Personal attack is even worse.


There is NO UDF format utility that will clear a bad formatted RAMDISK on an LG drive. If anybody here has a LG and NEEDS the ramdisk utility it can be
downloaded from: h t t p:// It covers W2000,XP and ME/98SE IN ENGLISH


My problem is similar one…
I formated dvd-ram in nec4550 with dvd-form… it was ok… then i tried incd instead, just to try to format cdrw and dvd-ram (panasonic, 3x). After that I tried to copy large files onto the RAM medium and in all cases it failed somewhere around 2gigs. After that I uninstalled incd and returned to panasonic drivers. But now dvd-form isn’t able to format the -RAM with UDF. Just FAT32 - and that’s ok, but the udf not… after formatting it shows an error (“it isn’t possible to write to the disc. Remove the disc and insert it again befor using it. Open the disc’s properties dialog to change its label”). The disc then shows 0k of 4589600k free and it isn’t possible to write anything on it then. When I try to format it with incd, it’s just ok, quick format, no problem to write files onto it now.
I want to take rid of this udf-format problem, so I could use it without incd…
Any ideas, please?


When I first had a problem with a DVD-RAM badly formated I used in DVDform the option:
" physicaly formating the DVD-RAM "

After that my DVD-RAM looked new again and I could format it in FAT32 or burn it with Nero

“agomes” here
seems to have more experience with DVD-RAM and the NEC 4550 than I do


FAT32 is not the FS i want… I resolved the prob already, it’s a need to restart winxp :slight_smile:
Fat32 seemed far more slower then udf… :frowning:
Now I am searching for a way to leave DVDForm as it is now and to be able to format cd/dvd rw mediums to udf format… is it possible to have incd not interfering with dvd-ram dvdform and packet writing to ram mediums, just controlling rw?


All I was suggesting was being flexible. Some folk don’t have time to search through hundreds of posts, even if they are very specific in the search criteria.


Me too. Any news ? I was using the DVD-RAM driver from BHA and today installed InCD to also use DVD+RW. I didn’t change anything, but it seems the DVD-RAM driver in use is the one from InCD.

I don’t know which is better, but I guess the one from BHA was faster. Maybe the cause for this was that I didn’t disable the driver from BHA before using InCD. Or is it really slower ?