hey guys - im a newbie here! dont flame pls…

Ive just bought a Pioneer Headunit for my car… and it has CD-TEXT capabilities…
i’ve tried searching and i read all this stuff about CD-TEXT, but no one has explained how to actually enter it.

I’m quite the noobie with this kinda thing… so if anybody has a good link…or something… could something show me how to enter CD-TEXT for my CD-RW compilation?

Thanks in advance, much appreciated.


I think it depends on the CD burning software you are using. Mind you, you cannot enter CD text to an disc already recorded - it should be when you are burning the Audio CD originally.

I use Roxio to burn my audio CDs.It picks up the CD Text from the track name (eg mp3 file).
For a free CD burner Burrrn ( ) will also write CD Text, picking up from mp3 tags etc.