How to enhance vhs to dvd

hi guys im transfering vhs to dvd is the any way to enhance the quality of the vhs its and old iron maiden vhs and teh quality is very sketch as i bought it in 1988 i have 2 copies one has great picture and the sounds gone and one has great sound and the pictures gone is there any way to merge the two togrther and if so how ?

the actual problem is the right audio track (right Guitar) is very dull can hardly hear it, is there a way to boost the levels or normalize it or something

Doom9 offers excellent guides on video processing/format conversion

I recommend using AviSynth for postprocessing, since it will give you the most options for quality enhancement. Also, using AviSynth will minimize the numbers of re-encodes and therefore will save you a lot of time.

Good luck! is great too.