How to enforce incorrect writing speeds?

I know that data may not be written to the disc incorrectly, so this is just for testing purposes.

How can I enforce the disc drive to write a disc at an inappropriately low or high speed?

  • Writing a DVD-RW×2 at ×8 speed.
  • Writing a DVD–R ShitQuality(×4) at ×20.
  • BE14NU40: write DVDs @×18 instead of ×16.
  • Writing CD-RW UltraSpeed×24 at ×10.
  • Writing CD-RW HS (high speed ×10) at ×48 CAV (starting at ×20), crazy overspeed test/speed rape burn.
  • Writing DVD+RW ×8 at ×1. (crazy underspeed).
  • Wtiting CD-RW×10 at ×6 and ×16 (quality test on slight underspeed/overspeed).
  • Writing DVD+RW×4 at ×16 CAV (starting at ×6.66 at the inner edge).

These manic tests would be a lot of non-stop fun!