How to encrypted region free to region 1

I’m looking around the net, but haven’t found any info about encrypting a region free dvd to a region 1 dvd. The reason is I just bought a Sony home theater, and it doesn’t read a region free dvd, which I downloaded from the net. Any idea or sugesstion?? Thank you very much.

You cannot without paying some thousands of dollars for the license…

Just run it thru DVDShrink and set it to Region 1 instead of Region Free. I’m sure that’s all you need, not the encryption.

I would be suprised if the player cannot read region free DVD’s as it is part of the DVD specs. More than likely it is a media problem and the drive cannot read the disc rather than the region encoding.

It said in the screen “being restricted by region codec”. The burn dvds are working fine in my computer. However, they don’t work in the Sony home theater system. I put the DVD (I bought in store), and it worked fine with that system.

thank for the suggestion, but DVDShrink can’t set reion free back to region 1. It only breaks region codec and set it to region free.

Try Pgcedit: