How to encode the best quality video to upload on Google Video without taking forever

I have several files I’m attempting to upload to Google Video (GV) from Premiere Pro 2.0. I have tried to upload my AVI file (4 GB) directly to GV and it would take days to upload.

I have also tried encoding the video myself into MPEG format with the
recommendations GV provides and that takes days just for Premier to
encode and probably several days again to upload to GV.

I have also encoded to a Widows Media File in Premiere (which only
took hours to encode and upload) but the product looked horrible on

I’m trying to find the best possible solution that saves me the most
time. I don’t want to upload such a large file to only have GV
compress it anyways. I want to find just the right size file where
I’m not wasting that additional quality since GV is going to compress
it anyways.

Any advice would be great! Thanks in advance!

Most web video’s are either WMV, Quicktime, or divx or xvid. Best to stick with those formats.

A lot depends on your image size. For web video, shrinking it down to something like 320x240 will make a huge difference.

QuickTime is MPEG-4, as is DIVX, and this format will produce the best image with the smallest file size. Playing with different audio codecs will also allow smaller files, mono vs stereo, etc.

With decent quality stereo sound, and 640x480 image, MPEG-4 should give you about 30MB per 5 min, give or take. Bumping that up for higher motion detection or spacial quality can double or tripple the size. DVD quality video at 640x480 with stereo sound will run you around 20MB per min with high-quality motion settings. It can vary quite a bit when comparing video with little motion to video with a lot of motion.

Play around with here, from eRightSoft
It´s pretty easy and FAST!